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Welcome to Mediation California, your trusted partner for family court mediation and business mediation services in Riverside. Our dedicated team of expert mediators is committed to providing compassionate, efficient, and tailored solutions for individuals and businesses in the Riverside community.

Family Court Mediation in Riverside

Navigating family court matters can be emotionally challenging, and our Riverside family court mediation services are designed to provide a supportive and constructive environment for families facing disputes.

Why Choose Family Court Mediation?

Family court mediation offers a collaborative approach to resolving disputes, establishing communication, and helping families actively participate in creating their resolutions. In Riverside, our experienced mediators specialize in addressing various family court matters, including:

Divorce Mediation

Our mediators guide couples through the divorce process, facilitating discussions on key issues such as child custody, spousal support, and property division.

Child Custody Mediation

We assist parents in developing parenting plans that prioritize the well-being of their children, fostering healthy post-divorce relationships.

Spousal Support Mediation

Our mediators work collaboratively to establish fair and reasonable spousal support arrangements, considering financial circumstances and individual needs.

Property Division Mediation

Navigate property-related disputes with our guidance, ensuring a fair and equitable distribution of assets and liabilities.

Business Mediation in Riverside

In addition to our family court mediation services, Mediation California extends its expertise to business mediation in Riverside. We understand the unique challenges businesses face and offer tailored solutions to address conflicts within professional settings.

Our Approach in Riverside

Our skilled mediators in Riverside are dedicated to providing personalized and efficient solutions for both family court and business mediation.

Why Choose Mediation California in Riverside?

Expert Mediators: Our team consists of highly qualified and accredited mediators with extensive experience in family court and business mediation.

Tailored Solutions: We understand that every situation is unique. Our mediators work closely with clients to provide personalized solutions that meet their specific needs.

Confidentiality: Both family court and business mediation proceedings are confidential, ensuring a private environment for open communication and resolution.


Family court mediation in Riverside offers a more collaborative and cost-effective approach to resolving disputes. It empowers families to actively participate in shaping their resolutions, promoting open communication, and preserving important relationships.

The duration of family court mediation in Riverside varies based on the complexity of the issues involved. Our team is dedicated to facilitating a timely and efficient resolution while ensuring that all parties have the opportunity to express their concerns.

Absolutely. Our business mediation services in Riverside are designed to address various conflicts, including those within partnerships and family-owned businesses. We work to find mutually agreeable solutions that preserve both professional and personal relationships.

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If you’re seeking effective and compassionate family court or business mediation services in Riverside, contact Mediation California for a confidential consultation. Let us help you navigate through challenges, foster understanding, and find solutions that contribute to the well-being of your family or business.

Choose Mediation California for a path toward harmony and resolution in Riverside.


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